Main Camp Sale

Keeyask Main Camp Complex Available for Purchase

The Keeyask Project camp site is now for sale. Watch to see what’s available to purchase.

With the project close to completion, the modular main camp complex and other support buildings are now for sale, including:

  • Main Reception and Lobby Area
  • Boot Room Facility
  • Arctic Corridor
  • Executive Administration Office Space
  • Emergency Medical & Security Office with Garage
  • Supervisor and Craft Dormitories
  • Dining Room and Kitchen Facility
  • Fitness Facility with Gymnasium
  • Entertainment Centre with Movie Theatres
  • Laundry Facility
  • Additional Meeting and Office Space
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

For more information, please contact:

Glen Schick
Manitoba Hydro
Keeyask Project
Tel: 204-791-6949

Keeyask main camp