Board of Directors

The Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership (KHLP) is governed by the board of directors of the General Partner. The General Partner is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro and is responsible for managing the business of the Partnership. The board includes three nominees from the Cree Nation Partners (two from Tataskweyak Cree Nation and one from War Lake First Nation) and one nominee from each of York Factory First Nation and Fox Lake Cree Nation. Board members nominated by Manitoba Hydro constitute a majority of the board.

Current General Partner Board Members of the Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership:

Robert Wavey (FLCN), Chair

John Kreml, President

Vacant, Vice President

Nancy Willms, Treasurer (Manitoba Hydro)

Richard Goulet, Corporate Secretary (Manitoba Hydro)

Chief Doreen Spence (TCN)

Councillor Nathan Neckoway (TCN)

Chief Betsy Kennedy (WLFN)

Chief Leroy Constant (YFFN)

Shawna Pachal (Manitoba Hydro)

Vicky Cole (Manitoba Hydro)

Brenda Froese (Manitoba Hydro)

Jeff Church (Manitoba Hydro)

Anthonie Koop (Manitoba Hydro)