February 2021

Keeyask Project Manager Update

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Construction Overview

The Keeyask Generating Station will include the following structures:

  • Seven unit Powerhouse/Service Bay complex on the north side of Gull Rapids
  • Seven bay Spillway on the south side of Gull Rapids
  • 23 km of dykes built on the north and south sides of the reservoir
  • Dams across Gull Rapids (North Dam = 99 m/ Central Dam = 1,600 m/ South Dam = 565 m)

The General Civil Contract (GCC), the largest contract on the Keeyask Project, was awarded to BBE Hydro Constructors Limited Partnership (BBE) in March 2014. BBE is a limited partnership of Bechtel Canada Co., Barnard Construction of Canada Ltd. and EllisDon Civil Ltd. Work covered by the Keeyask GCC includes:

  • Rock excavation;
  • Concrete for the powerhouse and spillway;
  • Earth structures;
  • Electrical and mechanical work; and
  • Construction and removal of temporary cofferdams needed to manage river flows during construction.

The Keeyask Transmission Project is occurring in parallel to construction of the Generating Station and is owned and managed by Manitoba Hydro.  The Keeyask Transmission Project provides the transmission and station facilities necessary to integrate the Keeyask Generating Station into the Manitoba Hydro 138kV transmission network. The main components include:

  • Three Generation Outlet Transmission (GOT) Lines;
  • Four unit transmission lines;
  • A new Keeyask switching station; and
  • Upgrades to the Radisson Converter Station.
  • A construction power station and transmission lines are also required to provide the Keeyask construction site with a permanent, reliable power source during construction.

Construction Progress

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