Fox Lake Cree Nation

The Fox Lake Cree Nation currently consists of about 1200 members with about 500 residents in the home Reserves in Bird and Gillam Reserve and the Town of Gillam. The remaining members live mainly in Thompson, Churchill and Winnipeg. FLCN is signatory to 1910 Adhesion to Treaty 5 signed at York Factory. In 1947, Canada recognizes the Gillam Band as an independent Band and renamed the Fox Lake Band in 1949.

The ancestors of the Fox Lake Cree have lived in the Lower Nelson River area since the receding of the last ice age and have used sites such as the Kettle Rapids, Kettle River, Butnau River and Fox Lake that provided easy access to traditional foods since time immemorial.

The Fox Lake Cree Nation is no stranger to Hydro development, with the Kettle, Long Spruce and Limestone Generating Stations, the Radisson and Henday Converter Stations within its traditional territory.

The Fox Lake Cree Nation ratified the JKDA in 2009.