Workplace Culture Assessment

The Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership (KHLP) is committed to creating a respectful workplace culture for all at the Keeyask site. The Keeyask Discrimination and Harassment Free Standard describes a strong vision for a safe and welcoming workplace, respectful of different cultures.

In fall 2016, an independent, Indigenous consulting firm was retained by the KHLP to undertake a third party workplace culture assessment, and to provide recommendations on what could be done to create a better work environment.

The assessment, which included interviews with nearly 180 people, concluded that:

  • discrimination and harassment has been experienced at Keeyask;
  • it has affected both Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees;
  • there was a lack of awareness about the policies intended to prevent these behaviors; and
  • there was a lack of consistency in how those policies were applied between different employers.

These conclusions were of great concern to the KHLP.

The consultant’s report included 64 recommendations aimed towards improving workplace culture at Keeyask and to reduce incidents of discrimination and harassment. The KHLP started implementing these recommendations before the final report was complete.

Efforts continue to drive a positive culture change at site. These efforts not only focus on implementation, where feasible, of the spirit and intent of the KWCA recommendations, but also on activities that go beyond the KWCA recommendations. To date, 63 of 64 recommendations have been completed and implementation of the final recommendation is currently underway.

Some of the key actions taken to date include:

  • RESPECT Campaign: Implementation of a campaign of respect across the site to encourage positive interactions among all workers at site, and to reinforce the message that all workers are valuable and important to the Project.
  • Discrimination & Harassment Free Workplace Standard: Revisions to the site Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace Standard to reflect Indigenous perspectives, including providing workers with workplace related concerns with the ability to get assistance from a “trusted advisor”. All employers are required to consistently uphold this revised standard.
  • Policy Standardization, Training & Supports: Standardization of policies and procedures at site, including the reporting and investigation of workplace complaints, improved training for managers and supervisors, and enhanced supports available at site for employees.

Manitoba Hydro, the KHLP Board, the partner First Nations, contractors and others are all part of efforts to improve workplace culture.

Although much has been done to promote and enforce a respectful workplace, there is more to do. We continue to work together to find solutions to these complex and challenging issues.

Everyone plays a role in creating a respectful workplace environment. If you experience, witness or learn of abusive comments or unfair treatment based on race, gender or religion, report it.

You can email or call Manitoba Hydro Labour Relations at:

Phone: 204-360-5737

You can also seek out help from other resources including:

  • Your Supervisor or Manager at site
  • Employee Retention Services
  • An Allied Hydro Council representative
  • A trusted advisor
  • The site liaison team or Keeyask Cree Nation site representatives

All communication is confidential. Any retaliation against those who bring forward complaints will not be tolerated.


Keeyask Workplace Culture Assessment Final Report (PDF, 516 kB)
Keeyask Workplace Culture Assessment Newsletter (PDF, 1.4 MB)