A key requirement of preliminary project planning is the completion of a comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA) that:

  • Identifies potential effects a project may have on the environment and people
  • Determines ways to avoid, reduce or mitigate potential negative effects
  • Determines ways to enhance potential positive effects and
  • Develops follow-up and monitoring programs.

Keeyask Generation Project

Since 2001, Manitoba Hydro worked with local Cree Nations to collect information that contributed to the Keeyask Generation Project’s EIA. Studies of the existing environment were considered: the physical environment, terrestrial and aquatic environments, heritage resources, resource use and socio-economic environment.

Results of these studies were compiled in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). They were submitted for review and approval under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the Manitoba Environment Act, as well as under other federal and provincial legislation. A cooperative environmental assessment process was undertaken by Canada and Manitoba for this Project. Public hearings also took place.

To initiate the formal environmental regulatory process, an Environmental Act Proposal Form (EAPF) was submitted in December 2011.

Cover Letter (PDF)
Proposal Form (PDF)
Supporting Material (PDF)
Scoping Document (PDF)