Cree Nation Partners

Tataskweyak Cree Nation (TCN) and War Lake First Nation (WLFN) formed the Cree Nation Partnership (CNP) in 2001 because of their common interest in future hydroelectric development on the Lower Nelson River. The CNP communities share a rich and timeless history in their Traditional Territories, and with each other. Since time immemorial, Members from both communities have inhabited the lands and used the waterways associated with the Keeyask Project. Today, there are four generating stations in the Split Lake Resource Management Area – Kelsey, Kettle, Limestone and Long Spruce – which produce just over 75 per cent of the power produced in Manitoba.

With the guidance of their Chiefs, Councils, Elders and Members, CNP negotiated groundbreaking agreements with Manitoba Hydro, namely the Joint Keeyask Development Agreement (JKDA), the TCN Adverse Effects Agreement and the WLFN Adverse Effects Agreement (AEAs). These agreements were ratified through a democratic vote by Members of each community.

Ultimately, as evidenced by approving the agreements, CNP Members believe the Keeyask Project provides a variety of opportunities to strengthen their Cree identity while modernizing their economies. This will ensure that the current CNP youth, as well as future generations, can take advantage of the social and economic opportunities provided by the sustainable and responsible development of Keeyask.

Tataskweyak Cree Nation Population and Statistics:

On Reserve: 2317
Off Reserve: 1422
On Other Reserves: 129

Chief Doreen Spence
Councillor Nathan Neckoway
Councillor Sarah Cole
Councillor Robert Spence
Councillor Leroy Spence
Councillor Mike Kirkness
Councillor Mary Flett

War Lake First Nation Population and Statistics:

On Reserve: 93
Off Reserve: 192
On Own Crown Land: 26
On Other Reserves: 7

Chief Betsy Kennedy
Councillor Dwayne Flett
Councillor Roy Ouskun

Statistics above from: INAC March 2017