Regulatory Process

The Keeyask Generation Project was subject to an environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and The Environment Act (Manitoba). It needed to meet combined federal and provincial regulatory requirements before being built.

Provincial and federal regulators worked together in the environmental review process:

In July 2011, the Partnership provided a Project Description to federal authorities. In December 2011, the Partnership submitted the Environment Act Proposal Form and Scoping Document for the environmental assessment of the Project. In February 2012, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency issued draft Guidelines and, after reviewing public and departmental comments, the Agency issued Final Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines for the Project in March 2012.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency was responsible for the comprehensive study report on the Project and this report was submitted to the federal Minister of Environment.

Manitoba’s Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship directed the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) to conduct public hearings.  Once the hearings were complete, the CEC developed a recommendation for the Minister of Conservation regarding the Project.

Once approvals and licences were received from both the provincial and federal level, construction on the Project began.