The Keeyask Infrastructure Project (KIP), commenced in early 2012, and is located approximately 40 km southwest of Gillam, extending between Provincial Road (PR) 280 and Gull Rapids on the Nelson River.

KIP was undertaken to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide early business opportunities for the Keeyask Cree Nations
  • To provide early and more employment opportunities for First Nation members, northern Aboriginal people and other northern and Manitoba workers
  • To provide more time for Cree Nation businesses to develop their management capabilities
  • To accelerate investment to support the promotion of sustainable growth in the Province of Manitoba

Key components of KIP included:

  • Construction and maintenance of a temporary start-up camp near the junction of PR280 and a new access road
  • Construction and maintenance of 25 km all-weather north access road from PR280 road to Gull Rapids
  • Construction and maintenance of the first phase of the main camp at Gull Rapids

Other than the start up camp and some post-construction maintenance activities, KIP involved only the construction, and not operation of the road and main camp.

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